Friday, January 3, 2014

Review Vacation in Seoul Korea: PART 2 DEPARTURE & ARRIVAL =)

ok our departing time is at 0100hrs.. so its an overnight flight! memg ngantuk!! My family straight away from JB - KL -LCCT. letih ok!

so, before depart we all late night dinner dlu! (soryla gmbr xbp nk best sbb lame da xpakai DSLR. Tgh warming up blk hihi)

ok perut dah kenyang hati sudah lianggg .. ready to check in =D

alrite enoughla posing2 meh kte review the journey! first view would be:

#1 if you're travelling for winter. trust me. wear your boots straight away! u'll find lots of the passenger already wear their boots yg cun2 belaka tu =)..
#2 do not checkin your winter coat bag.. better handcarry =) coz you'll need it once u are off from the flight
#3 bring along your night kit.. shoulder pillow..etc... coz in air asie if nk overnight kit you'll have to pay!
#4 enough malaysian ringgit MYR change in flight & also KOREAN WON change..
#5 book your meals earlier 
#6 do check your passport expired date...cannot less than 6 month ya! kalo x u all xboleh fly!!
#7 no bottles and for cosmetic etc please put it in a proper bag!

ok continue.....
once we all dah check in.. we wait for bout an hour.. sempat la nk tdo jap.. 
muke masing2 dah penat..

but gues wut.. diorg da bg boarding tp we all kene tgu lagi for another half an hour maybe??
sbb tgu flight ready. ms ni da ngantuk sooo moody.

ok the flight took us about 7 hours journey... depart at 2am smpai Seoul Korea at 9am cm tu..
(waktu Seoul, lebih 1 jam ye dr waktu Malaysia )

sementara nk tgu flight tu, i did download some usefull Apps for android utk kat seoul nt.. =)
this one memg sgttttt suggested!! useful sgt! ull need it!

metroid apps : sgt membantu bile u all need to knw the suggested subway line to go to one place.

Oanda Apps: sgt berguna bile shopping and mkn =)

and the one i mentioned before the Metroid Apps for Android =)

ok in our journey dlm flight.. well ok so far seat AirAsia X sgt selesa..
xde la sempit mana.. =) we had our meals about 2 hours after take off.
sempat la nk nap jap tibe hidung bau sedap...
mkn and tdo blk...tau2 nk landing da =)

and here we aare!in Seoul, Korea. Landed at Incheon International Airport!

well honestly kua je dr pintu flight.. seriously FREEZING COLD! and our winter coat sume dlm Lugage yg ktorg checked in! ahha memg tiap kali g oversea cmtu. haha

so this is Incheon Airport.. =) Alhamdulillah selamat sampai... =)
we all proceed to Immigration Check Point.. and diorg xfussy yet sgt friendly =D

oh ya! kene naik TRANSFER TRAIN ya.. dr Passenger Terminal tu pegi Arrival Terminal. =)

ok ni time waiting kat TRANSFER TRAIN. =)
Dont wory xmuat train..coz memg muat.. the train memg scheduled for every Arrival =)

ok after collect lugage. memasing take out our winter coat coz seriously airport tu xpayah bukak aircond pn xpe ye. coz amat sejuk!!

and bermula lah misi saya membawa family jln2 and first Mission is to Hotel ! =D

ok FYI, Incheon Airport ni Mcm KLIA jugakla.. diorg ade jugak AIRPORT EXPRESS i.e mcm KLIA EXPRESS (yg ni harga mahal sketla) and satu lg AIRPORT RAILROAD i.e KLIA TRANSIT. haa faham x? hehehe so we choose AIRPORT RAILROAD... Sbb murah sket. hehe

Please take note.. before ke Airport Railroad, Please buy the TMONEY from the 7eleven near to the front exit of the Airport =) coz u all kene pakai tu utk naik AIRPORT RAILROAD to ke SEOUL STATION i.e mcm KL SENTRAL KTE la lebih kurang. =)

T-MONEY mcm touch 'n' go =) tiket biase mcm tiket LRT yg kte naik tula =)

ini tiket biase yg korg bley pakai either 1 way journey or 2way =)

and this is T-MONEY yg korg bley bli and topup
ok roughly TMONEY tu sendiri berharga KoreaWon 2,500.00
we all suggest kan you all topup 10,000won sudah memadai. =)

tp... ktorg g merayap dlu amik angin sejuk la katekann hehehe. jakun dtg time winter...
puhhh puhhh tiop2 kua asap dr mulut hihi

 to be continued to PART 3 - JOURNEY TO SEOUL CITY! =D

Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live! Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!

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