Friday, January 3, 2014

Review Vacation in Seoul Korea: PART 1 PREPARATION TO KOREA.

Salam everyone!

wishing you all happy new year.. hows your celebration? hehe hoping that we have our new goals and achievement this  year! =D

Alhamdulillah.. last christmas, we the whole family, ke korea bercuti2 ala2 christmas =D and one word KOREA=WONDERFUL!

Okla meh nak cite sket pasal korea ni....i did my study on very last Alhamdulillah... everything is ok =D dont worry nk travel without agent.. ull love it!

siap ade file folder tau.. hehehhe
ape kene study?


1.FLIGHT TICKET: Well at the first place tang tiket tu, it is suggested that if you can fly with airasia.. why?sbb rasanya itulah yg paling affordable. many people saying that owh naik air asia sempit etc.. tp actualy nola.=) Air asia X ok je. enough space. cukup and berbaloi la dgn ape yg korg byr! haha. jgn nk cheapskate sgt k =P so utk Air Asia X xpayah checkin online pn xper sbb diorg required u all check in gak kat counter! hehe

ok ni la ala2 seating nya... =) sources dr google =) sbb excited xamik gmbr pn dlm fligt =D

2.BOOK HOTEL: Ok untuk book hotel plak... we all book hotel kat Agoda. So far i lg trust AGODA compared to Booking.Com sbb rata2 review trusted and byk dah well known hotel registered under them =D 

ok for ktorg sbb we all travel 6pax in a family and my mom and dad da tue.. so i nk kene cr yg selesa and murah.. and plg penting, is... dekat dgn SUBWAY (train station! ) Alhamdulillah I found out ASTORIA HOTEL, in CHUNGMURO ...sooo nearby to CHUNGMURO STATION EXIT =) 

hehehe see? book kan AGODA. 

and i found out that they have a promotion! =D so we stayed for 4 days 3 nights is only around RM1K and dpt 2 katil besar dan selesa. Ayah mak suke! 

the next things to do is to view the location on the Google Maps itself
as u can see it is soo near to Chungmuro station =)

ok moving on to the next thing.

3. MAPS OF KOREA: Ok pasal maps pulak =) actually it depends on you nk travel mane. like us disebabkan travel yang hanya 4 hr we all decided to travel in Seoul itself. and paling jauh pn NamieIsland.
so basically psl maps. you all can get the maps from the google pun =)  i google it and byk maps ade..

4.SUBWAY MAPS: the most important thing is the Subway Map!!! yes seriously sgtttt penting yeeeee =D i hold it like every minute kot! hehe make sure u all study which LINE u should take and which EXIT paling dkt. 

Korea ni ade byk LINE TRAIN yg akn membawa korg ke byk area.. and diorg sgt linked dgn each other. so kene pandai cr stops yg ade transfer ke new LINE yg korg nk pergi. =) 

bile stop kat each station pulak akan bykkkkkkkkkk EXIT so u have to study the nearest exit dgn tmpt yg korg nk g! =D

so one of my way is to download the helpful APPS fro my ANDROID! yeayyy korg boleh terus search korg dr mana nk kemana and diorg akan guide u all! yeay!

its METROID APPS for Seoul Subway! 
key in je departure korg dr mane arrival nk g mane 
trus die akn suggest u all =D

ok korg boleh click HERE for the maps link or click kat gmbr bwh ni pn boleh =D

so far i pakai yg ni sebab lebih tersusun dan teratur.. =D and please print it in COLORS!! seriously u need the colors! hehe

5. A MUST VISIT LIST : ok a must visit list ni Basically i based on TRIPADVISOR yg diberi tajuk  3DAYS IN SEOUL  =) memg sesuai sgt kan! hihii so we all highlight the TITLE. and i go through the details. =) boleh click HERE for the link! 

Ok so antara tempat yg di highlighted kan  and yg i shortlisted kan are:

nt sy akn review satu2 k =D

the TRIPADVISOR is helpful, tp xsehelpful mane coz u need to get the guideline how to get  there. so for that, since we use subway, so i byk refer to this WEBSITE.

Actly i google "how to go to myeondong" and this website appear. and sgt helpful. why? sebab  dlm "DIRECTION"die bg it stated all the suggested way by SUBWAY.. line mana exit mana =)

see? nmpk x diorg put down the details there =)

ok moving on the last check list to do.....

6. MUSLIM FOOD : ok honestly saya sgt2222.... suggest you all to view MUSLIM BACKPACKERS SEOUL coz mereka sgttttttttttttttt membantu. especially nk cr Muslim food. oh ya! kitorg memg bwk bekal jgk frm MALAYSIA like Maggie, Milo 3 in 1, Roti, Tuna, Telur Rebus, Majerin, Sambal Ikan Bilis, etc. 

but certaintly you all boleh visit this LINK for all Halal Food Restaurant ins Seoul. Please print out the webpage. Korang akan memerlukan nye tengah2 jalan =D 

yg bestnya inside they all da put in direction by subway and also the maps!! yeay! =D 

ok so far this is all the predeparture pny be continued ok? hehe


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