Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello blog! =) hows your weekends dearest!?
loving my 1st week of traveling =)
we've been planning for this trip weeks before since im staying just somewhere near to Shah Alam
so its nearby to Kuala Selangor as well. I was overwhelmed by my besties blog  Zara  about Kuala Selangor and it feels amazing to explore somewhere just nearby perhaps as a starter kit am i? =)
been thinking to spend one night in kuala selangor as we were hoping to explore the Kelip-Kelip (Fireflies) somewhere there too.=)
but its october which nearly to November! monsoon time! the weather is unpredictable. My mom bit worried of us getting on the boat  if its raining. So we decided to just havva visit exploring the same thing too =)

so since it was like a "short getaway" im googling sum stuffs and information =)

you may want to know moree about selangor HERE!

So we woke up in the morning... packing some 'tapau' bfast for the journey and started our journey at 9AM.
Im not really familiar of getting there. GPS allocate me to use the Highway to IJOK instead of Jalan Lama. but i decided to take the old roads so that more things for us to see =)

1st stop:  Bukit Malawati , Kuala Selangor. 

its an attraction here in Kuala Selangor =) mostly for all the childrens. Well its a well and nice sight seeing spot in Kuala Selangor which you may have a view of Kuala Selangor itself and Straits of Malacca. Since we call it Hills btw =) so we took Tram to get up there!

Adult : RM5 and Children : RM2

There you can see the details of the ticket price =)

so all aboard! =)
So well up ahead is a view of straits of Malacca..
Light house view is awesome!
there are also Some Muzium Sejarah to visit but we didnt
since i was soooo scared to the monkeys! =D
you can enjoy some monkey feeding too! (perhaps not me) =)
There are some pakcik there selling the long beans by motorcycle to feed the monkeys =)
enjoy the photos!

more coming up.. for Sekinchan! =D PART 2

Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!

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