Wednesday, May 29, 2013

of farah's wedding

haaa bismillahhh walaupun hati ni huru hara sebab game jdt v. pahang smlm ditangguh. hehe nak jgk update..

hehe let me tell u sumthing. dr skola rendah. smpaila ke skrg. me+farah+sofia is a childhood friends eva!
skola sama, univ sama, owhh yaaa bilik sama with farah.. course sama with farahhh but sofia lain bilik coz lain course. but we are in deed a best friend!

im there when farah needs me. shes there when i need here. pia is there for both of us. never missed.
sooo dr kwn smpai ke family. when it comes to me+pia+farah, our parents da tau sgt dah! hehe mcm anak sendiri dah..

dlu blk from matrix @ uia... ayah farah, uncle fuad mesti tlg hantar kan.. xpun, my ayah uncle rahman hantarkan fara blk... xpun.. bile cuti mesti hangout umh pia. aunty and uncle... mst dah tau da. hehe we all lepak bley mkn msk sama... our siblings are also like our own siblings. especially pia's siblings.. they are calling me kakak.. kalau g umah pia, mst idin, hakim and haikal is there... idin is the closest one.. sarah pia's sister mcm soulmate dah! blk pn manje2. that is best friend..

i was not there on pia's wedding. i knw im supposed to be there. seb baik ms tunang ade dgn dia.. we are together jth bgn dr zaman blaja smpai today. hehe...

so Alhamdulillahhhhh pia + abg bak+ aqilll & farah + asyraf + soooon to be baby haha...

smpai dah jodoh mereka. so mine coming soon =) tguu. sume sibuk tny... ms smpai hall for wedding farah, i was not there earlier coz got my family friends invitation. so da ptg br smpai. smpai kt entrance hehe uncle and aunty (mama and ayah farah) dah cekak pinggang " kitorg tgu yana dr td,,, nape lmbttt" they hug me like anak!  hehehe so do aunty (pia's mom too) masuk je hall kecoh satu kampung!!! ahahah rindu sgt dgn diorg! sarah was there. berlari dr dpn stage pengantin "kak yana!!" hug hug! so mama fara.. mama pia.. "ok pasni kenduri yana plak kite berkampung kan? xsbr  tgu anak aunty ni kawen"  how touched when people love u smpai pgil u anak? =') tq aunties..

tgh borak2 tbe2 my old friends dtg towards the table!! haha excited jmp diorg! sooo excited. dpt dukung baby aqilll. hehehe i told pia "pia baby aqil gtl. mcm ko. nmpk baby girl je trus lompat2" hahahaha diorg gelak satu meja...and sarah said " this is y we love u to be here kakak"

ms nk blk.. all are hugging me.. hehe katenye past badi kawen.. hahaha insyaAllah...
i lvoe them..

didi , me, yaya, n pia + aqil =)

its us... sorg da ade baby.. sorg ade suamii.. me single lgg hehehe

farah ask me " yana, cepat get the sign 'im next' coz u are" hahahahaha

u never wanna know who is farah's hubby
we do have stories...hahaha
tp inilah jodoh!
moga bahagia smpai syurga!!

Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

a mid year update?

Salam Alls,
owh wut now im updating the blog like wut? twice a year? hehehe
didnt have much time nak upload pic ke nk update blog ke =)
well actually im tryinggggg that hard using apps in my android tab but it didnt really work nicely.

mcm that payah sgt nk update hokay! i dont knw where to upload pic to add link etc so i gave up! haha

ape menarik sepanjang xupdate ni? wut a quest? bajet celeb twit update pon nk share? hehe
Alhamdulillah works are going well. yeaaa ive moved to a new place indeed yg ni br relevant to called it home. Cozzy and selesa Alhamdulillah. meh share sket. =P

hihiii taraaa tgk mcm ade gaye semangat x nk deco bagai? hehehe yes in deed its a nice home. previously i was bit rushed coming to KL KOTARAYA =p so im not really choosy for my home. tp ma n ayah keep bebel for me to have a better home once i have a better job. Alhamdulillah. selalunya yg Allah plan tu baik2 belaka and we never  knw =)

owh ya! i have new baby! bf? no... dah anta my  'MAT' (my old kancil) back to ayah. since ayah sayang sgt hehe now my sista's turn,kete turun temurun! Hehehe so whos my baby? =p

yeayy nila baby kite.. WYG 1743 born on 17.4.13. Cam cun je kan? hehe
so at least i knw anniversary my baby hehe.

and Alhamdulillah... ive been called to the bar! FINALLY!!!!

meh share gmbr sketttt.

finally am Advocate & Solicitor, Peguambela & Peguamcara
Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya.

from left is my mover, Pn Roshaslinda me , my Master Dato' Iqbal Hakim and my colleague yg paling rapat Mr.Afiq.. =) tq to them all.

of coz the other day ma ayah xdpt dtg since my brothers tgh exams.hehe
tq pd sista sayang kakak niii tq so much! 

..........................and ade org wat surprise! hehe

owh ya. sista birthday hr tu 6.2.2013 hehe

i love u sista! sooooooooooo much!

till thenn nt update lg! hehe

Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!