Saturday, October 13, 2012



Hihi its been a while since my birthday. Hectic weeks and works. Coz im taking over my partners workssssss coz shes leaving soon. -sighs- ill miss her a lot!

Weekends full of 'lawyer thingy' and its quite pulling me off from rest. So i have to occupy my weekends. Yg xseberapa nk weekends ni.

Hehee actually tgk title sket. Ok. Wardrobe. Hahaha being a lawyet sume pn is black and white. Haha im bored so do people around me. Sometimes mcm rs dah sebati hehe. I dun realy like fancy flowerry designs. Love plains. Hehee simple. But somehow kadang2 tu perlu jugak kan?

The other thing is im not a type yg nak stylista all the time. But i love to feel the comfortable feeling and the feeling of im loving on wut im wearing. Observing of course but not tooo ermmm skema i think the word is?hehe

Im sure ramai kan yg bc hijabista magazine?our new trend and im loving it. :-) been advice by my other partner hehe. Kite.kene look younger. Hehe agree indeed. So i learn bit sana sini. Try few things hehe

* and owh weekends

.············is my laundry and house keeping moment. Sighs.
Life isnt it?hehe enjoy guys.

Some of my colourful wardrobe. Kind of therapy. Therapyyy sgttt bile duit hbs shoppings ooops! Hehe

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