Wednesday, November 14, 2012

of fever "-.-

love the music! layan jap tgh xde mood nk wat keje kat opis ni ha hihi =) 
i had feverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Alhamdulillah! =) lame x demam
skali skala tuhan uji ni.. kire okla! tq Allah. buat penghapus dosa2 kecil ku! hihi

yesterday was diwali!happy diwali my friends!
oh my.. smlm rsnya gara2 kemas rumah, and dapur.. yg messy...
i was bit angry with my housemate.. sometime was thinking  diorg ni kat rumah sendiri mcm mane eh?
seriously.. bit "euwwwwwwww" i hate wet kitchen which i do really mean - ITS WET!! Bluwergh!! O,O
so i sental segala with my other 2 housemates. and after that i had flue.. bersin2 than continuance ok i knw 
ni demam mcm coming sooooon je =) 
last nite miserableness!! why? i couldnt sleep. nk avoid take medicine..konon kuat nk fight
its a failure! mlm2 at 1.43am mate xley lelap sgt. and i said. no liyana wake up cr ubat... and i was searching for this at 1.43am

hehehe was updating this on fb? mcm xde keje kan? seriously im bored ok?!thats y! mate widely openeddddd tgu tdo. how???

owh luckly! ade ubat standby... eat them all! ok mate dah kuyu2 ala2 ngantul in the end at 2.30 am juga fall asleep... siap roger housemate, next to my room tlg ketuk pintu dan kejut coz da byk ubat telan!!! tkt xterjaga!

hahaha seriously nebes ni tgu result gov huhuk ade rezki x ekk kat situ =)

ape pun liya nk wish.... slm maal hijrah semua.. moga hijrah kali ini diberkati Allah =)

and last but not least, my pocket bff rite  now for my hijrah =) 

 Alhamdulillah.penawar hati dan rohani =) (no wonder its the best seller) ^,^

Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!

buying house!

heee first of all cantikkan??? ^,^ my bff zaraab punye rumah!!!
i love ittttttttttt dr dlu suke sgt tgk! korg ley tgk kat her blog here!

weeee dlu slalu teman zara borak2 bout the colours etc.. beli itu ini eetc
skrg rs mcm my turn plak
hehehe so skrg tgh mood survey rumah..=)
hope my luck is great next year! yeay!!
harusla mtk tlg zara nt kan zara kan? ^,^
shes a good advisor! ^,^

its for my mom and dad sbnrnya =)
senang kalau diorg dtg kl nt. since my sister studying dkt cyber kan
instead of staying at the hotels baik stay at my home
ley dtg bile2 tinggal lame2 pun xpeeee ^,^
mst dpt mkn ma masak.. ayah can relax himself at my home
since ayah pun slalu ade meeting kat cni kan =)
haihh hopefully Allah permudahkanlah my dream ni!

till thenn =)

i had flue today.. fever is coming! stay strong liyana


Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

into baking ^,^

bismillahirahmanirrahim ..

hehe referring to the title kite bg mood sket kt intro hihi ^,^
so cute yummy kan?

bile i browse through my blog mcm byk pulak pasal baking hihi..
yes into baking soo much..

tp since dok kl ni.. i xde oven... seriousllyyy i miss baking so much.. konon la mcm pandai msk.
hehe sat g dah ade oven xmasak.. angan2 jelaaaaaaaa...

tp so far... i learn lot from my sista... bout baking.. maybe xla sedap mane. tp dpt mkn sendiri instead of beli. ape salah nya kan? =) org nk order sket2 boleh buat.
hihi tp seronok tgk blog orang baking2 nih

dok search jugak kot2 ade org jual second hand oven. hopeso lakan =P

rite now tgh sibuk  (disebabkan xde mood nk keje) so im browsing through
few recipies for baking menussssss weeee.....
kalau i dapat grill pn best k!!!
huaaa best nyeeeeeeeeeee

til then, nt kte tgk ade x oven second pun jadilaaaa hihi


Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kekempunaan short update

Hehehehe title unforgivable btul
Hehe ape pun. This is my second attempt for kek batik
A successssss weeee.

Housemate excited to have it. Hehe

Ok well this is my second attempt. Quite bulky. Hehe ketul sana sini.

So i try the next one! Hehe a successs kali ni smoothhh je. Hehe

Hehehe xsbr tguu esokkk da sejukkkk weeee.


Saturday, October 13, 2012



Hihi its been a while since my birthday. Hectic weeks and works. Coz im taking over my partners workssssss coz shes leaving soon. -sighs- ill miss her a lot!

Weekends full of 'lawyer thingy' and its quite pulling me off from rest. So i have to occupy my weekends. Yg xseberapa nk weekends ni.

Hehee actually tgk title sket. Ok. Wardrobe. Hahaha being a lawyet sume pn is black and white. Haha im bored so do people around me. Sometimes mcm rs dah sebati hehe. I dun realy like fancy flowerry designs. Love plains. Hehee simple. But somehow kadang2 tu perlu jugak kan?

The other thing is im not a type yg nak stylista all the time. But i love to feel the comfortable feeling and the feeling of im loving on wut im wearing. Observing of course but not tooo ermmm skema i think the word is?hehe

Im sure ramai kan yg bc hijabista magazine?our new trend and im loving it. :-) been advice by my other partner hehe. Kite.kene look younger. Hehe agree indeed. So i learn bit sana sini. Try few things hehe

* and owh weekends

.············is my laundry and house keeping moment. Sighs.
Life isnt it?hehe enjoy guys.

Some of my colourful wardrobe. Kind of therapy. Therapyyy sgttt bile duit hbs shoppings ooops! Hehe

Friday, October 5, 2012

cupcakes cravingness ^,^

dah xingt dah bile g ni hihi
actually lately ni memg cravig cupcakes the most!
hahaha i couldn find any off cupcakes yg sedap =P
wondermilk is just the best! mine and my sista favourite's one stop shot!
hehehe i did brought my parents as well after this hangouts
my dad and mom sooo falling in love with that place. hihihi
ayah said dah mcm blk US.. hehehe 
im sure everyone is familiar la of coz! =P
we are family yg loveeeeeeeeee to explore foods! yeay!

till later then! loves and *hugs*

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bersawang sudah blog ni =)
bile bc semula psot2 sebelum ni.
terlintas one word je  " kenangan itu" =)
Allah creates life and creates us as khalifah
its a wonderful plan.. sgt indah plan Allah tu.. without i realized about it =)
bila bc semula.. betul lah kata org..
kita hanya merancang tp tuhan tu yang menentukan
sakit pedih hidup, Allah bg kita rasa semua tu..
buruk baik kita blaja dr hidup... sy masih bernafas hr ni. masih bernafas sbb Allah nk sy
menghargai hidup yg dia bg ni.. Alhamdulillah.. mungkin kembali berblog after this? =)
more matured maybe =) yela umur pn dh brp.. 25 dah..coming soon in 2 days. Alhamdulillah

welcome back! =)


Allah creates us to live! so be happy!live!