Saturday, July 30, 2011

big congratulations to my dearest shila mohtar!

short updates, dlu diala teman g klas tiap hr, diela teman g cafe each time after class, diela geng ponteng class and merayap, die la geng gaduh ckp direct, hehe diela yg always be there each time i need her.. my bff during my uni time.. =) and she's engaged.. shocked? hehe not really been telling her she might be earlier than me.. haha xpercaya.. then its true!! hahaha aku lmbttttttttt lg la makcik.. xtaula =) moga yg terbaik dr Allah s.w.t congratulations my beloved... Shila & Amar.. =D
you're the gratest babe!!!

thank u for the private invitations u guys.. sorry i cant attend =( manage to call her, get her updates, wishing her and amar morning bfore they got engaged.. =) sorry tak dpt attend... coz ak xsihat that day and im in jb. but u know i love u shils! so much babe!!

sgt jeles melihat mereka bersuka ria tanpa sy! hehe

and the sweet couple... in deed...

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