Wednesday, March 3, 2010

her name is SERI =)

nama dia.. seri salehati... =) dlu masa kecik2.. i gues not really kecik pn.. hehehe
primary school... she my very2 best friend.. till we end up to be apart away from each other.
dah xbrapa ingt sgt hehe our memories.. 12years dah.. =) but i do remember her face,, baby hair...
she is beautiful...=) we all same2 prefect dlu.. pki bj same2 biru..=) seri suke pki skaf rmbut
ade ribbon.. which i learn it from her... i love seing her pki bj kemeja prefect.. coz kemas sgt..
usually we all slalu 'bertugas' sama2 kat kantin.. and we even fight with each other...
i dunnow.. but dlm byk2 kawan.. i miss seri so much.. she's the one i can talk to... the one yg without telling her anythg
she will understand.. and die sgt penyabar org nya.. used to come to her house.. which we are nearby je..
she's so soft spoken and totally ladies..=)

tp the sad thing ms last day... before we've been apart.. i gaduh dgn die.. which havent got really a right chance to say goodbye..
that's the last day,,,

then i heard no news from her or updates... but i knw i missed her.. so much..
i wish i could share the moment.. when i'm so happy when i got 5as and manage to go to the boarding school..
i wish i can turn the time back.. not to get quarel with her..

from my moment at the boarding school.. owh preasure sgt2.. i dun have a good friends.. ade la friends but not a good friend..
like her.. owh seri sgt sbr dgn perangai saya.. mybe thats y.. i love her so much..=) SHE KNWS ME BETTER..
i keep searching.. tny kwn2... coz i dun have any add or contact no.. tmbh2 pulak time tu blum handphone era..
so day by day i google her name - zero results.. so frustrating..

kdg2 if tgh duduk2 dgn my mom.. my mom sikat2 rmbut at our home garden.. i always ask ma..

"ma.. ma ingt seri lg x? mana seri ye ma.. lama kakak xnmpk die"

ma -" xtry cari kat mana2?"

"dah ma, dah try cr kat brg2, n buku2 lama kalau2 ada add dia.... xtau nak cari seri kat mana"

and gues wut.. til now..i kept ask ma.. "ma,... mane seri eh ma"

thenn one day.. i think it was around last month.. i've decided.. google all seri available..= zero result

then br terpk.. owh facebook!! search "seri" and i tgk one by one.. "seri"

then... there is one pic which i could say " macam seri"

xperla.. i pn add je..then seri ade text me.. in fb.. tp her face xsame sgt..

then.. last week.. she post 1 pic.. and i TRULLYYY TRULLY KNOWWWW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SHE IS MY SERI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERI SALEHATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

owh, saya menangis waktu tu.. i was at home in jb... trus jerit pgl my mom coz i was so excited!!!tp that time x approach seri lg
to confirm.. tp me myself trully CONFIRM!! hehe yakin x?=P yes, she is my SERI...

thenn the answer is yes.. 12years.. i've looking for her.. kdg2 jln2 in kl with my bf.. i hope i can terserempak with seri
coz i know.. i owe her an apolagy...

dear.. seri..
u are the very best friend i ever had..
i miss u so much..
trully thankful to god for bringing us back again
thank u for being the greatest friend...
trully.. i miss u my friend..
and finally..
this tears would be my happiness =')

lots of my love... to my friend.. "HER NAME IS SERI..." =')

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.:Mrs. Engineer:. said...

wow...fb bley jmpe kn org kn...mmg bgs fb ni...