Thursday, February 4, 2010

penat being final year

helloo blog!~
long time no see.. wee..
saya sgt pnat.. seriousslyyyy i'm damn tired!!
sory for the harsh words! pardon me for that..
hahaha kisah lawaknya smlm... i supposed to have PP test ( not really well prepared) - gara2 keje filing yg menimbon!!! hehehe ok2 lawaknya tu..
ok everyone dah siap mau amik test.. the paper already been distributed..
and suddenly.."put ur hands for those yg xde paper lg" and omg it was bout half of the hall kot!! hahahaahha tp me at the time.. alaaaa mdm sure xcancel nye.. mesti diorg strugle g xerox gak the paper!! hehe knwing my PP's lecturer yg both sgt strict ok!
they trained us for Profesional Practice!! haaaa gues wut test smlm posponed!!
td g class mdm was saying.."we've been thinking to give u a take home test" me? weee
owh hari ni we settled out everythg yg still waiting..
Alhamdulillah manage to submit the asgment.. tgl satu je lg for tomorow.. and heavenly is that i got skill class tomorow!! o'owww..

test coming next week!! 3 test!! hohohohoho +1 =4 kot??

kla guys.. tired enough to write.. xde cite best pn hr ni..
later if got sum wil jot 'em here...dpt bed.. mandi + mkn +tdo..=heavennya!!

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