Wednesday, February 10, 2010

liyana demam

dear blog,

today my 2nd day having a fever or should i say third day?=(
at first during evidence test on Monday night hr tu da rs semacam
with my tonsils.. i get so weak when it comes to my tonsils..
me and my family having the same problems..except my mom..
the genetic is from ayah... our lung can even be closed by the bengakak tonsils
i had one which was really2 bad last semester which really make me so worried enough!
boleh meringkuk atas katil thn saket k telan air liur pn.. it's really pain.. =(
bile da thn saket tu , here comes the flue... running nose which will make my lung full of kahak ( sorry for being disgusting) .. uhuhuhu sangat kalah when i'm dealing
with bengkak tonsils..=(( i had really bad fever... went to doc yesterday.. and got MC for 1 day.. today went to class all my friends are worried..

"lian are u ok?" .."lian pls go back to ur room sgt teruk ok"

huhu i wish i can.. but i dun wanna missed class (kononnya, actly xnk missed teh attendance)

seriously rs nak fainted... in trust class this morning kepala dah dok melepek jer kat dinding... nad even ask 'y did u come, g blk la rest lian"

huhu smlm really menduga kesabaran..
at first my HD PROB- then da ok da i btulkan sndri
then now my LAPPY plak prob.. cursor xjalan..
i think its coz of the virus..
huhuhu nk mtk en amir saya tlg format kan...
huhhhhhh =( serabut bile blk bilik..

kla guys.. i need a rest.. nnt2 kite smbung lg..

p/s: not in the mood to shoot wedding this weekends.. cmne? =( too bad

"the hardest thing in life is the things that u kept it in silence" - liyana

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