Thursday, February 4, 2010

its a dream wedding.. i want it!!

weee.. actly haa da tau nak cite ape ehehehehe
the other day.. i'm browsing through other bridezilla blogs!
i love wedding bukan la bermaksud sy cepat nk kwen! its becoz i'm doing wedding planner dear... daniel zain is part of my inspiration, and my favourite!! seriously! hehehe recently his client
would be ihsan & syaheedah... ihsan is a son of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim..
the thing is.. 1st time tgk pic wedding they all i was amazed! and saying "this would be my dream!!" i did pm Syaheedah in the FB.. asking who is the wedding planer?
and she said " it was my mom, are u planning to get married? hehe if anything just contact me" omg having ur mom as ur planner best ok!! really me and my friends keep saying she is one lucky girl i bet u! congrats syaheedah =)ok pk2 yes i love her wedding !! wanna have mine camtu jugak!! sbb it was realllllllllyyyy my taste!!

alert!! to zara&fahd : my coming coordinator for my wedding!! =P i wanna it like this!!

hahaha tp xdela including rumah yg besar tu!! but i want the arangement and deco cmtu!
so gorgeous!! i love her reception dress (i think she's also inspired by Nor Juma's dress during her mlm berinai)- which i love the lace! hahaha i bet its really expensive ok!! + i love the lantern all the walkway and the canopy setting with the bird cage! and gues wut the fresh flowers thingy at each chair also in my mind too before i found this wedding!!!!! =) not really cost u lots of money if u pndai plan..

enjoy the pics! daniel! u're in my list!

the view of pelamin nikah.. so nice kan? so kalau photog amik pic pn lawa =) background best=p
credited: hehe i'm a photog! hahaha so my wedding will be so cerewet!

see? i told u so!! =P

love daniel shooting the details! =)

owh so in love with the lantern!!

gorgeous!! my mom dah plan cmni da! hahaah and +! she love the green ok!!!

this was totallly lame dah in my mind! its like a dream come true tgk ni!!

love the details! nice job daniel!

i love the lace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the canopy gorgeous kan?? hehe cume table deco maybe i prefer more flowers!!

wut an idea!! lanternnnnnnnnnnnn!! love it!!
(tang mane plak la kan nk turun tgga cmni dgn amir??? hhahaha)

i saw this cake in Martha Stewart.. nice! i love the orchid
hehehe cake da free -( my sista can make one for me!! =P)

they put the daisies all the way of the entrance ok!!

owh! *fainted* suke sgt lace ni! penuh!!! classic!! grand! =p

kene kumpul duit ni! but i like to look gorgeous and grand but bajet! sure i'll make it!!!!
seriously daniel in my list!!!!!!hahahahahaah


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

lian, cantik gila2 kan.. love it soo much but hehe i dont have money to splurge like her.. shes so lucky to have all things soo beautiful like this...

even daniel is quite expensive for me, but no doubt his work is damn amazing.. simple but complex.. and the henna tu, i like!!! sangat character.. :)

kay kamal said...

syaheed and esan has all the money in the world kot..i dun thk mine can come half close pon. she's my hi-skool batchmate..tu psl i knw her reputation.hehe

and daniel really does a good job i must admit. also, i love the table arrangemnts and the pelamin..superb..sayang masa tu ada like 7 invites i chose to go to kedah so tak dpt witness the majlis dpan mata..aih~