Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oh manusia!~

hye blog.. really not in the mood sebenarnya in writing lately..
dengan perangai manusia yg mcm2.. owh i'm so down dgn kwn2 sendiri..=(
we thought we have good one around us.. but the truth is not..
being pretending all the while to please others.. being so not me to adapt to them
make me so un'me'.. when i was thinking it back.. chat chatting with others yg feel the same way
the answers = totally down.. sgt down.. coz yes as usual.. been aspecting not for a return.
but at least a bunch of happiness.. for ur own :'(

i'm here.. when u hurt me..:'(

Monday, February 22, 2010


my room is under renovation.. its off white.. wanna get it done by end of this yr.. got plenty of time i guess.. hope can finish it..been browsing through some collections and inspirations.. looks nice too.. i have to make it design yg 'bertahan lama' coz ma kata the budget is for now only haha.. so nk tgu my bigday entah bile.. so kne la cr yg simple.. so later on nk upgrade ley add on or deco sket kan? hehe here are some in the list!a

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

liyana demam

dear blog,

today my 2nd day having a fever or should i say third day?=(
at first during evidence test on Monday night hr tu da rs semacam
with my tonsils.. i get so weak when it comes to my tonsils..
me and my family having the same problems..except my mom..
the genetic is from ayah... our lung can even be closed by the bengakak tonsils
i had one which was really2 bad last semester which really make me so worried enough!
boleh meringkuk atas katil thn saket k telan air liur pn.. it's really pain.. =(
bile da thn saket tu , here comes the flue... running nose which will make my lung full of kahak ( sorry for being disgusting) .. uhuhuhu sangat kalah when i'm dealing
with bengkak tonsils..=(( i had really bad fever... went to doc yesterday.. and got MC for 1 day.. today went to class all my friends are worried..

"lian are u ok?" .."lian pls go back to ur room sgt teruk ok"

huhu i wish i can.. but i dun wanna missed class (kononnya, actly xnk missed teh attendance)

seriously rs nak fainted... in trust class this morning kepala dah dok melepek jer kat dinding... nad even ask 'y did u come, g blk la rest lian"

huhu smlm really menduga kesabaran..
at first my HD PROB- then da ok da i btulkan sndri
then now my LAPPY plak prob.. cursor xjalan..
i think its coz of the virus..
huhuhu nk mtk en amir saya tlg format kan...
huhhhhhh =( serabut bile blk bilik..

kla guys.. i need a rest.. nnt2 kite smbung lg..

p/s: not in the mood to shoot wedding this weekends.. cmne? =( too bad

"the hardest thing in life is the things that u kept it in silence" - liyana

Thursday, February 4, 2010

its a dream wedding.. i want it!!

weee.. actly haa da tau nak cite ape ehehehehe
the other day.. i'm browsing through other bridezilla blogs!
i love wedding bukan la bermaksud sy cepat nk kwen! its becoz i'm doing wedding planner dear... daniel zain is part of my inspiration, and my favourite!! seriously! hehehe recently his client
would be ihsan & syaheedah... ihsan is a son of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim..
the thing is.. 1st time tgk pic wedding they all i was amazed! and saying "this would be my dream!!" i did pm Syaheedah in the FB.. asking who is the wedding planer?
and she said " it was my mom, are u planning to get married? hehe if anything just contact me" omg having ur mom as ur planner best ok!! really me and my friends keep saying she is one lucky girl i bet u! congrats syaheedah =)ok pk2 yes i love her wedding !! wanna have mine camtu jugak!! sbb it was realllllllllyyyy my taste!!

alert!! to zara&fahd : my coming coordinator for my wedding!! =P i wanna it like this!!

hahaha tp xdela including rumah yg besar tu!! but i want the arangement and deco cmtu!
so gorgeous!! i love her reception dress (i think she's also inspired by Nor Juma's dress during her mlm berinai)- which i love the lace! hahaha i bet its really expensive ok!! + i love the lantern all the walkway and the canopy setting with the bird cage! and gues wut the fresh flowers thingy at each chair also in my mind too before i found this wedding!!!!! =) not really cost u lots of money if u pndai plan..

enjoy the pics! daniel! u're in my list!

the view of pelamin nikah.. so nice kan? so kalau photog amik pic pn lawa =) background best=p
credited: hehe i'm a photog! hahaha so my wedding will be so cerewet!

see? i told u so!! =P

love daniel shooting the details! =)

owh so in love with the lantern!!

gorgeous!! my mom dah plan cmni da! hahaah and +! she love the green ok!!!

this was totallly lame dah in my mind! its like a dream come true tgk ni!!

love the details! nice job daniel!

i love the lace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the canopy gorgeous kan?? hehe cume table deco maybe i prefer more flowers!!

wut an idea!! lanternnnnnnnnnnnn!! love it!!
(tang mane plak la kan nk turun tgga cmni dgn amir??? hhahaha)

i saw this cake in Martha Stewart.. nice! i love the orchid
hehehe cake da free -( my sista can make one for me!! =P)

they put the daisies all the way of the entrance ok!!

owh! *fainted* suke sgt lace ni! penuh!!! classic!! grand! =p

kene kumpul duit ni! but i like to look gorgeous and grand but bajet! sure i'll make it!!!!
seriously daniel in my list!!!!!!hahahahahaah

penat being final year

helloo blog!~
long time no see.. wee..
saya sgt pnat.. seriousslyyyy i'm damn tired!!
sory for the harsh words! pardon me for that..
hahaha kisah lawaknya smlm... i supposed to have PP test ( not really well prepared) - gara2 keje filing yg menimbon!!! hehehe ok2 lawaknya tu..
ok everyone dah siap mau amik test.. the paper already been distributed..
and suddenly.."put ur hands for those yg xde paper lg" and omg it was bout half of the hall kot!! hahahaahha tp me at the time.. alaaaa mdm sure xcancel nye.. mesti diorg strugle g xerox gak the paper!! hehe knwing my PP's lecturer yg both sgt strict ok!
they trained us for Profesional Practice!! haaaa gues wut test smlm posponed!!
td g class mdm was saying.."we've been thinking to give u a take home test" me? weee
owh hari ni we settled out everythg yg still waiting..
Alhamdulillah manage to submit the asgment.. tgl satu je lg for tomorow.. and heavenly is that i got skill class tomorow!! o'owww..

test coming next week!! 3 test!! hohohohoho +1 =4 kot??

kla guys.. tired enough to write.. xde cite best pn hr ni..
later if got sum wil jot 'em here...dpt bed.. mandi + mkn +tdo..=heavennya!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

i woke up this morning and wink!!=D I'M IN LOVE!!

happy monday i guess?? =D eventhough my head is soooo serabut with the asignment thingy.. still it is more than "breath taking" to have such a wonderful person besides u... and i'm apart of it...i'm having a wonderful person... my dear love besides me.. when.. the world totally collapsed onto me.. owh he's my hero my spiderman haha (adekan scene yg die thn big besi block tu???) =D hahaha
but really i'm happy rite now.. dunnow why.. hehe being so manja with him (thank u sayang coz melayan!) =P - which i know in some part the 'kesabaran' melayan will totally become 'meluat'.. hahaha!!but i know.. he loves me.. thank u syg.. and i love u too!! =P oww!~

hehehe i know sometimes girls like me... love sweet thingy from her bf..
amir gave me everything that i want.. i love his surprises for me...
hehehe dlu i hat suprise! tny amir.. but somehow i learn how it is fun!!
and in this 5 years.. yes amir did more than ever surprises for me..
which that makes me totally happy!!!~~~~ wwweeeeee!!~=D Xtaula nk explain mcm mane
sbb tgh rasa happy sgt now ni!! hehe totally happy in love.. get wut i mean x?? =Powh i know.. my dear sgt be patient with my perangai.. no one else could!
that is the only thing i regret for my myself.. i want to be a better girl for him..
better woman .. =) wonder woman!! hehehe i'm learnign sayang! =)

i dun care for any of u trying to steal this moment from us.. texting me (privately).. trying to defame me instead? like i care enough for wut u're trying to do??? no im not caring anything of urs lowsy efforts !!!yucks! stay on the line baby..while u can.. or might get ambush from me.. he's mine!!lalalala!~ =)

owh its quite tiring holidays actly.. with tons works of coz!! been discussing with mom bout my chambering next year! owh yeah!! i'm graduating baby!! =) nak further in jhr or in kl... its most likely to be in johor i think -(budget matters).. tgklah keje rezki kat mana nnt =).. so fast ok time passed by! i'm 23rd this year.. omg..
huhuhu my mom get so 'bising'.. kakak da 23.. ma dlu engaged 24 married 25 ..
owh ermm.. hehehe dun wanna give response over that.. =P me and amir havent come into that chapter yet! our new chapter starts next year insyaAllah... =P Chapter Kumpul Duit $$$$$ kaching!!!! hehehe

for noww... let me beragau sbentar,, with my syg,! =P

dear syg,, my very trully beloved sweetheart..

thank u for this love,care and fun we had!! love u more each day!! =)
cant wait to see ya!! teringin mau mkn nandos.. banje??!! =P