Tuesday, January 26, 2010

chit chatting with mommy.. =)

mom pop the question today... is it we're seriously in love with each other
=) let me krrp it la for myself bout that conversation.. but i always pray to God
the best for me.. coz saya yakin... dgn siapa pn saya dipertemukan.. itu adalah yg terbaik utk saya =)

mom getting so excited recently talking bout wedding decos like me! =)
hehe ni mesti gare2 terinfluence.. lian xsure lian da story or not bout this..
but..=) seriously my mom dah start talking bout my wedding.. hahha which lian also
dont know when would it be.. =) tgkla jodoh saya cemana nnt eh.. surely..
i'll invite all my friends...

sekarang ni.. me n my mom memg tgh rajin buying the magazines for wedding deco..
steal some of the ideas maybe? =)then this morning my mom dok sibuk berangan2.. for my wedding.. wut she like to have.. =)i'm impressed yet happy seing mom keep telling me her ideas... =)

ma.. dah lama teringin nak invite anak2 yatim on my bigday nnt,, ma nak jamu mkn.. and ma nak bli doorgifts for all the children..she starts talking bout this from the canopy thingy.. i baught a new Ratu Sehari the other day.. owh u'll beva know how much i love doing weddings so much! =)so ma pn ckp.. nak canopy with scallop. =)
tp xmo scallop biase.. ma nak ade nice curtain..

some sort like this

u can see kan the nice curtain there.. prt of the scallop? but my mom dun like pink! hehe she prefers all white..

ma pesan.. kalau nk serve org mkn jgn ala kadar semata murah je.. my parents are very particular bout food.. lg2 nk jamu org mkn..=) so ayah was thinking to sponsor me with dayang catering =P hehehe memg sedap! last rasa ms during my clients wedding.. even mkn ns kosong pn sedap.. hehehe even ma nak nnt ade zapin or anything yg akn entertain gues =) perhaps i want the bamboo chairs for my wedding nnt.. nmpk garden style.. =)plus! nak round table coz i dun likeee meja panjang!hehe fresh flower is a must! =) all of them... =D

haihh bykla ma dok bg ideas td.. happy =) cant wait the day to come! =D

ma being so worried bout me... she wants me to find the right one.. and the best man in my life.. ma ckp.. biala dia tu.. sayang kan saya more than saya syg kan dia.. dia jaga saya.. jaga maruah saya.. lindung saya.. protect saya.. hargai saya and buat saya happy slalu.. sbb happiness tu adlh bnd plg hardly to get nowadays...
ma being so worried.. mybe coz dia da notice.. i'm 23 this year.. which ma pn kawen at 25.. its gonna be 2 years from now =) so ermm tataula by that time i already have any planning or not bout marriage .. engaged maybe.. but tahla mcm mls nk tung pn ade. kawen je trus! =) hehe

okla guys nit already. i need to sleep.. tmrw nak anta adk g school..


"the hardest thing in life is the things that u kept it in silence" - liyana

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