Friday, September 4, 2009

wee!~ sgt xsabar ~~

i'm browsing through.. survey ape yg berkenaaN.. ideas and been promoted by zara..KELANA CONVOY in UK -london i think was the one been established by our malaysian students out there! great work guys! i've been planning.. wee huu !!~~
flight tickets (airasia) = rm2.1 k (if saya mau g dgn my sista = rm4.2k)

kelana convoy = 15 days for 8 countries

(London , Amsterdam, Frankurt,Fussen, Innsbruck to Venice,Rome, Pisa,Swiss Alps, Paris and Disneyland )


(make it double is about rm6.4k)

wee!~ i need RM15K tk sbr nk jalan2..sgt xsbr!!
its only a plan.. xtau jd ke x.. xtau ade wit ke x? hehehehe tp surely mcm nekad je rs skarang ni.. after hbs jer study next year december.. i'm planning to flyout.. kind off refreshing myself! from everything! before i start a new life! before keje.. and of coz before kawen! nk enjoy g jalan2. da kawen lum tentu dpt jln.. byk nnt responsibality....haih~ life..
ape pn saya mau jalan2~!!!

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