Tuesday, August 18, 2009

wellop.. lame xupdate gayenye kat cni..
hurmm being not feeling well lately..
mulut bley ckp " haih mcm2 btul sem ni" tp xbaikk sebab sakit tu kan ujian dr Allah..
penghapus segala dosa-dosa kecl =) syukur Alhamdulillah..
no big deal tp sebab rashes yg merebak gare2 doctor uia bg salah ubt kind scary me off..
then dah blk ni.. rs saket tekak plak ni.. hurmm.. =( wut can i do??
actly supposenya ade clas company rite now.. tp my lecturer been warded
due to bronchitis problem... hope she get well soon.. i love her teach so much!
owh pg td went to cafe dgr shila story bout her vacation to perhentian island!
sgt2 best!she went for package... RM450 - per person include mkn, hotel, pickup from airport, boat to island, and snokling
huhu worth it! shila said " lian , go have ur time there.please. pull out the stress out"
me? senyum jela.. pk nak g ngan sape ek?? owh i told shila.. if i would came out with no answer
in between of decission.. i prefer to kept silence.. and go somwhere.. got my friends yg ckp
ko nak g mane? kat mane kitorg nak cari nnt? hahaha lawak jer dgr no la.. i wont do anything stupid! klakar gile la diorg ni.. owh i prefer to the peace kat seashore..
out of no where! haha korang carikla kat serata laut ade kat malaysia ni! hahaha
well hope so.. one day ley spend time dgn yg tersayang kat cni.. where? ntah ler.. =)

"the hardest thing in life is the things that u kept it in silence" - liyana

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