Wednesday, August 12, 2009

theatre - i love it

lines of actors and actress!!

owh MJ's scene!! ( big laughs from all btw!)

i love the scene farhina a.k.a Yati ( the guys cant take it!! hahaha)

my friends at the backstage - mama, mr sean kingston, haha and shakira!! ( i luv ur blouse btw!!)

owh yah! haha my friend too! she's being soo busy!! haha

starting.. intro.. love it!

hahahaha jadila tuh! wat meriah! kui kui!

well akhirnye berjaya sudah theatre faculty kami! or u guys can check it here it was a blast! sgt2 best! congrats guys!!! proud of ya!! -
g tgk theatre ni dgn my BFF back from russia and together with my rumate ekin( wid her gang - wannok, and kak ya) later together wif farah too~~ love it!
congrats to my friends taking part in this theatre! well done!
all other univ are invited too! they had a real fun that nite!
gelak xingt nya!! hahaha hafizh - who had being so klantanese -( padahal perlisian!!) hahaha jadi2 tuan yb! real one! owh farhina with GEDIK character yg made out the crowd feels so "eeeuuwwww" -(yg laki of coz xtahan - tp cover!!!) hahaha
godd job ina~ they all are reall1 ! we had apopcorn too! mcm tgk wyg plak..
i gave then 4 over 5.. cume maybe bab props kne much improvement! overall, best!!
qeela also so excited and puas tgk! memg sgt2 best and of coz congrats to babe~ u're the director chicks! hehehe congrats!

"the hardest thing in life is the things that u kept it in silence" - liyana

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