Sunday, August 30, 2009

helop. happy sunday! yes it is =) hari ni g bli baju raya for adek2.. for ayah too.. sgt penat.. time type blog ni pn mata dah ralit sgt.. mengantuk.. dah siap packing for tomorow. ( going back to kl =( boringnye) haihhhh

ok td g angsana.. ramai btul org. ma ckp minggu ni org dpt gaji before hr raya.. so they everything they need including our family. stucked kat kdai bli baju for adik hazim n asyraf.. haha pening nak colour ape.. ayah nak have one theme.. suddenly my brothers, hazim and asyraf preferred their own colour.. sejak da besa2 ni bykla plak kerenah die. kalau dlu time kecik2 folow je pki ape pn.... especially hazim..uhuhu leceh nak layan kerenah die.. i was the one yg g belek2 baju for was so much fun! hehe me da tua setlekan bout baju thingy for adek2 yg kecik.. hazim at first choose for black and ayah sgt mrh+xske.. mcm nak g convo or funeral. so he dicided on i dunnow kind of pink.. but the colout is nice.. asyraf choose to have baby blue( he is really into blue) while my sista nadiah--> owh die sgt leceh. if i were not around, plg susah nak choose own baju or shoes.. so i will be the one yg show kat die anything i macam cantik..
haha at last xdpt la nak satu theme thn ni... never mmind la asal raye...
then td g mkn at jb catering.. biasa lah sok pn cuti so ofcoz la ramai... last min reservation by ayah.. Alhamdulillah.. omg mengantuk sgt ni..smpi nak terteleng da pale.
see ya guys tmrw!~ enjoy the pixes. turra!

"the hardest thing in life is the things that u kept it in silence" - liyana


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